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Your Comprehensive Guide to Over-the-Top Ads

April 30, 2024

The evolution of television was surged forward by entertainment deprivation during COVID lockdowns, leading to a significant increase in content streaming. Traditional TV advertising is still profitable, but the balance will likely tip as more people move to streaming services. And where the viewers's attention is, advertisers will follow. This is where OTT marketing comes in, aka over-the-top advertising.

In this guide, we cover what you need to know about over-the-top ads, from the basics to strategies you need to succeed.

What Is OTT Advertising?

It is a form of digital advertising that runs on video streaming services like Hulu and YouTube. OTT advertising lets you promote your products and services to your target audience, who watches content over the Internet rather than cable or satellite TV.

How Does OTT Marketing Work?

Video streaming services allow users to watch various programs for free or through a subscription fee. Many also enable advertisers to promote their products and services on their platforms.

When you invest in OTT advertising, your ad will appear when a user watches a video on the streaming platform. You can promote your brand with a banner, overlay, or in-video ad. For instance, your 15-second video ad can play before an episode or during a commercial break.

The Key Benefits of OTT Ads

  • Reach Ideal Customers

You can use audience-targeting features to guarantee your ads reach users most interested in your offerings, generating more quality leads and conversions for your business. With OTT ads, you can target specific users based on age, gender, interests, purchasing history, and more.

  • Measure Results With Ease

OTT advertising lets you readily view vital data and metrics about your campaign to analyze its performance. You can see which ad types and platforms drive the best results, helping you optimize your campaign to earn the highest possible ROI.

Tips and Best Practices for Success

  • Maintain Visual Consistency

You can build brand recognition through consistent visual elements across all your ad creatives. For example, Amazon Prime Video keeps its brand top-of-mind with its signature blue color and logo in OTT ads.

  • Keep It Short and Sweet

Attention spans are limited in the OTT world, so create concise messaging for ads with 15 seconds or less. You can take inspiration from Hulu's short, snappy ads that effectively capture viewers' attention.

  • Optimize for Mobile

Many OTT viewers use mobile devices to watch content, so make sure your creatives cater to this significant portion of your audience. Make your ads mobile-friendly with visually appealing graphics and legible text.

Ready to Promote Your Business With OTT Ads?

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